Demonstration for Bulgarian Border Police Forces

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In 02.06.2016г. representatives of Sensors team with Opticoelectron presented to Border Police theirs common drone which could be the best friend and assistant to operative agents from Border police forces defending Bulgarian borders.

The Sensors pilot presented in front of Border police agents the following:IMG_4757 copy

  • Planning and creating of mission for inspection some special points;
  • Vertical automatic take-off;
  • Vertical automatic landing;
  • Execution of predefined mission;
  • Switch between auto and manual driving of the drone;
  • Driving and surveilance from the air with thermal and FPV camera;
  • Management and stable flying on wind with speed more than 10 m/s;
  • Transmission of telemetry data in real time;

The show passed with no surprises despite of the wind that day. There were discussed the features of the UAV today which could be benefitical for border police agents.