S.E.N.S.O.R. back on home soil

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The drone is back on home soil after its participation in the prestigious exhibition for security and protection – “DSEI”, London.

The simplified design inspired by nature, the technology under the shell and the software options presented in the exhibition gathered notable interest from visitors. During our first appearance around the stands of our partners Opticoelectron JSCo, Panagyurishte, brought many people who have demonstrated enviable curiosity of the product.

The drone was given utmost attention, as subsequently received positive feedback from both visitors of the exhibition, and the representatives of different regions, countries and professions.

Our entire team is extremely proud of the ratings the S.E.N.S.O.R. got and we are ready to maintain the same, or even higher standard in the future.

The exhibition “DSEI” is one of the most prestigious forums and we are sincerely thankful to the organizers for the opportunity to introduce ourselves appropriately, demonstrating our vision and name.

Thank you all for your support.